Selling experience

Flexible marketplace

Deliver your products everywhere

Every store owner can choose whether to ship their products or receive orders and deliver them in person.

Create auctions

By creating auctions you can give the right price to a product which does not have one due to its rarity.

Choose the counties where you want to ship

For example, in case of perishable goods, a vendor can choose to ship only in his country.

Get paid on your Stripe account

Secure payments with Stripe® API's. Vendors must connect their Stripe account to te dashboard to get instant founds. Easily and secure. Alternatively they can get paid on Paypal automatically every week, or they can request an early withdrawal of their revenues when they wish.

All is secured and transparent

Listing Fee

To open a store on Stabula is free and it will always be

0 %
Sales fees

Sales commissions vary from 3% (animals) to 5% (other categories)

Each payment for an order made via PayPal is retained by Each seller will receive the full amount of the orders automatically in their PayPal account setted in the vendor dashboard every Sunday. Or you can request an early withdrawal whenever you wish.

PayPal commissions calculated on a single order:

3,4% + 0,35cent

Each payment made by credit card is processed by Stripe, and is immediately credited to the Stripe account that the seller has previously set up in his vendor dashboard.

Stripe commissions calculated on a single order.

1,4% + 0,25cent  -> European Credit/debit cards

2,9% + 0,25cent -> International Credit/Debit cards

1,1% + 0,25cent -> UK Credit/Debit cards

Find an answer to your question

How to get verified and get the blue checkmark for my Stabula's store?

Before sending a verification request make sure to add your social links in the “social profile” tab of the vendor dashboard.You can make a request to admins and get verified. As in other platforms, only users with a certain number of followers and an activity started will be taken into consideration. For this reason it is recommended to send an identity document, a proof of ownership of a social profile or certificate ownership of a company.

I want that only customers from certain countries are able to buy my products.

first of all your products must be marked "enable for shipping" while editing them. and assign them a shipping class. Then go to: Vendor dashboard > Settings > Shippings And add a shipping method to the country that you want to enable.

How do I get paid?

For vendors connect your Stripe account and/or your PayPal account in: Dashboard > Payments.

What i need to create a shop?

You need a Stripe account to connect to your store. Here you will receive immediate payments, which will then be turned over to your bank account, and in case manage refunds easily from it. Alternatively you can only connect your PayPal account, in this case will keep the proceeds until you decide to withdraw them, or they will be sent to the seller every weekend.