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Correlophus ciliatus Lilly whites

The name “Lilly White” was coined by Lilly Exotics breeder Nick Lumb, who established the trait. The Lilly gene is the first true Mendelian dominant gene on C. ciliatus.

 Lilly Exotics is located in the UK and discovered the trait when a unique gecko hatched in late 2010 (see picture in header on this article) . This creamy white gecko was unlike all other geckos and they kept it for their breeding project. They bred this unique looking gecko a couple of years later to multiple females and would soon find that the trait had passed on to some of the offspring (co-dominant trait). 

When two visual Lilly Whites are bred together, they produce a “super” shape (dominant trait) which is an all white gecko. This color morph found in reptiles and animals is often called leucistic. Unfortunately, the trait appears to be fatal and the geckos do not live. Some hatched and took a few steps, but none survived.

The discovery of a super form has established that the Lilly White trait is a visual heterozygote (et.). This trait affects color, feel and patterns and has now been bred with many established colors and traits in crested geckos, resulting in gorgeous.

Choosing the way to to select the C. ciliatus is simple, because breeders have not to deal with numerous genes. They must keep in consideration only phenotypic traits of the animal, and to accentuate a color or characteristic one, it is necessary to mate two geckos that show the same color, or characteristics to strengthen or increase it. the colors do not follow the laws of Mendelian genetics. in fact the various morphs are actually different colors so they are not genetic mutations with Mendelian inheritance.

When Lillys are born more colorful than a normal fullpin \ tricolor \ extreme. The main points where the Lilly gene develops are the back, the legs, the tail. As soon as they are born they are already very colorful but over time (it takes up to 3 years) they become more and more white. When the babies of Lilly white parents are born they are very orange, and dark. The orange color, present on the back of many children and belly, becomes white over time, the white tends to expand and cover, depending on the specimen, a large part of the gecko.

Besides these ciliatus have the classic crests that distinguish ciliatus more developed.


Here you can see some Lylli’s combo:

1.Extreme Harley

2.Lilly "drippy"

3.Lilly Phantom

4.Lilly tricolor

5.Lilly axhantic

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