– How a vendor can add shipping methods?

Before creating a shipping method you must choose where you want to ship your products:

Dashboard  > Settings > Shipping

Select the area or the areas where do you want to ship by clicking on the title and edit it by adding shipping methods. A vendor can choose between 4 methods:

Flat rate, local pickup, free shipping.

Flat rate give you the opportunity to set a price for the area that you want to ship to. If you add a shipping cost to the “Cost” area” it will apply for the area you selected the same shipping cost to all your products.

If you have different kind of products in your store to ship and you desire to assign to them a different shipping cost;
While editing the shipping method “Flat rate” you have to put a shipping cost for each class. (remember that before doing that you have to assign a shipping class to your product while editing them)
 If you  don’t want that a product can be purchased in a certain country, then leave the shipping class cost field blank.

Free shipping  let’s you to set a minimum spending limit in which shipping becomes free. It will be set for all products in the store.

With the Flat rate shipping method you can create different groups of items. That’s perfect if you have products that require different shipping costs. To do this you will have to assign the same shipping class to your products that have a similar weight and volume.

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