Benoitolus siamensis



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Benoitolus siamensis. This species is native to Thailand. It moves mainly at night (and here comes the best part). This species has the characteristic of LIGHTING IN THE DARK if illuminated with a UVA led. As scorpions are UV fluorescent so you can easily observe it with the lights off at night with a simple grape-ray led to move and climb …. I am saying it right, to climb, this species, unlike most centipedes, loves to climb and needs therefore of branches and trunks to be able to climb, in nature they live almost exclusively on trees! It is a simple species to breed, reaching 6cm in length. Also for this species the substrate must consist of a mix of soil, dry leaves and decaying wood, at least 5cm high, humid but not soggy. Breeding temperature 22-28 ° C. As a food they feed on dry leaves and decaying wood, fruit and vegetables, fish food and must never lack cuttlefish bone.
Size: about 5cm. Specimens born in captivity

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