Reptizoo 2.2l Solo Starter Misting System Nebulizer



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It includes two nozzles that can be directed at 360 °

Possibility of adding water without disassembling it for a maximum of 2.2 liters

Rain function programmed with integrated timer.

Adjustable flow

Silent micro boost pump

Technical data:


Input: 100-240V ~ 50 / 60Hz Output: 6VDC 1A

Main motor input voltage: 6VDC

Main motor input current: Max. 1A

2 spray nozzles

Product size: 152 × 152 × 207mm

Open Flow: Min.0.3L / M, Max.0.4L / M

Workflow (with two spray nozzles): Max.0.085L / M

Working noise: ≤45dB

Product weight: 0.8kg

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