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Python Regius – Care sheet


Python Regius


Widespread species in central-western Africa. (Ghana, Togo, Benin)

Also known as Royal Python or ball python for its characteristic defensive position it assumes when it feels threatened: it protects its head between its coils and forms a “ball”
Quite static animal, nocturnal often remains in the den to digest the previous meal in the heat or wait for the next prey.
annoyed or stressed animals can bite, it is not a painful bite but still needs to be disinfected.
It is a very tame snake, even if it depends from the specimen to the specimen. It is very easy to find and the abundance of breeders has meant that the price of morphs has plummeted in recent years.
the females are larger and more stocky than the males, and can weigh up to 5 kg and even measure 1 meter and 80 cm, but they are rare specimens. They usually weigh a maximum of 3kg
males, on the other hand, are smaller and can weigh a maximum of 2kg

In nature they are used to using abandoned rodent burrows. It is therefore a terrestrial / fossor species
for this reason they are often reared in racks.

for an adult subject: 80x60x30
for a baby: 20x40x20

1 or more hiding places are a must, and will be used during the day.
the terrarium must be divided into 2 zones: warm zone and cold zone:
for the hot area, use a heated mat or a coil (to always be placed under the terrarium and outside it) and a thermostat must always be used to prevent the animal from getting burned. (in case of malfunction) this is because they do not immediately warn when the temperature rises.

Optimal temperature: 31 ° C / 32 ° C in the warm zone and 26 ° C / 27 ° C in the cold zone.
in order to leave the animal free to thermoregulate

Humidity: 60%
to obtain this value, the terrarium must be well ventilated, therefore have 2 grates in opposite positions and the water bowl must be in the warm area.
During the moulting period (which will be visible as the animal will have white / opaque eyes and the scales will become iridescent.)
spray 1 or 2 times a day to have a humidity of 70%
will allow the snake to molt properly.

Substrate: beech shavings, pine bark, synthetic mat, sheets or newspaper.
we will be better off choosing dusted substrates.

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